September 30, 2023

Trabzonspor Fan Token ($TRA) Sale Generated 5 Million Turkish Lira in 5 Minutes

FTO of Trabzonspor is done today. Initial supply of 625,000 $TRA Fan Tokens are sold-out in less than 5 minutes, generating 5 Million Turkish Lira. - $TRA Fan Tokens are Sold Out in 5 Minutes. - $TRA Fan Tokens are Sold Out in 5 Minutes.

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Trabzonspor, in partnership with Chiliz ($CHZ) have announced that the initial supply for their $TRA Fan Token has been sold out in less than 5 minutes after launching on fan voting and rewards app and the Chiliz Exchange — the world’s first tokenised sports exchange.

625,000 $TRA Fan Tokens were available at a fixed price of 8 Turkish Lira (TL) in the flash sale, with $TRA sold on a first-come, first-served basis. The sale generated 5 million TL.

$TRA Fan Token holders will be able to influence the club straight away by voting in the first poll to choose a new design for the first-team bus.

$TRA holders will have countless opportunities to influence club decisions, voting in many polls each season on and earning rewards linked to the club, including innovative digital experiences and real-life activations, such as meeting players and watching games as a VIP when fans return to the stadiums. The $TRA Fan Token will become integral to the fan engagement experience for supporters, with $TRA to also be integrated into the club’s official mobile app in the future. Fan Token partners include FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, AS Roma, Galatasaray, CA Independiente, Apollon Limassol and esports organisations Team Heretics and OG. Dozens more clubs are set to launch Fan Tokens before the end of the year, with many leading IPs from sports and entertainment also primed to join the roster in the near future.

Trabzonspor General Manager Sinan Zengin thanked the intense interest shown by the fans at the FTO held today and was pleased the club achieved the highest Fan Token sale after Barcelona, generating 5 million TL in 5 minutes.”

“Endless thanks to all our fans for their support. They made us very proud. Our fans, scattered all over the world, said we are here and we are always with our club.”

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO and Founder of Chiliz and said: “The strength of the response from Trabzonspor fans shows how our business model has the potential to be a compelling alternative to the ‘donation campaigns’ that are common in Turkish sport.”

“For a small price every type of fan, whether hardcore or casual, global or international, can have a say in club matters, earn rewards and enjoy a closer relationship with their team.

“Trabzonspor are fully committed to making Fan Tokens an integral part of the fan experience and I’m convinced they will be a massive hit with the club’s support.

“Today’s sale has proven to be an exciting step forward in our mission to generate 100m TL for the Turkish sports industry. It’s a mission we’re very excited about and one we’ll be reinforcing our commitment to by launching a Turkish office with an initial staff of 20 to complement our other global locations.”


To start trading (buy/sell) $TRA and fan tokens of other world-famous teams, open up an account (safe and free) at Chiliz Exchange with our reference (UVI8Uk).




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Spor ve eğlence için önde gelen blockzincir fintech (finansal teknoloji) sağlayıcısı Chiliz ($CHZ), Trabzonspor ($TRA) Taraftar Token Arzı başladıktan sonra sadece 5 dakika içinde oylama ve ödül uygulaması’da ve Chiliz Borsasında 5 Milyon TL’lik satış yaptığını açıkladı

625.000 $TRA Taraftar Token, hem hem de Chiliz Borsası üzerinden yapılan flaş satışta 8 TL sabit fiyatla satışa sunuldu ve $TRA ilk gelen alır esasına göre satıldı. Satışdan elde edilen toplam gelir 5 Milyon TL oldu. 

Trabzonspor taraftarları yapılacak ilk oylamada $TRA Fan Tokenlarını kullanarak takım otobüsünün tasarımına karar verecekler. $TRA Fan Token sahipleri, her sezon’da birçok oylamada seçim yapabilecek, ödüller kazanacak ve uygulama yoluyla taraftar statülerini artırabilecek. Ayrıca, $TRA fan tokenların Trabzonspor resmi mobil uygulamasına entegrasyonu da planlanmakta. Fan Token partnerleri FC Barcelona, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Atletico de Madrid, Galatasaray, AS Roma, Club Atletico Independiente, Apollon Limassol ve Trabzonspor gibi futbol kulüplerini ve e-spor devleri Team Heretics ve OG takımlarını içermekte. 2020 bitmeden daha bir çok takımın Fan Tokenını çıkarmayı planlamakta.


$TRA ve mevcut diğer fan tokenları almak/satmak (trade) için Chiliz Borsasında bizim referansımızla (UVI8Uk) güvenli ve ücretiz bir şekilde hesap açabilirsiniz.